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I don't understand how children are allowed to buy gauges. Getting your ears pierced requires parental consent but not gauges?? This should be a class action lawsuit

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Theyre not called gauges the neat looking ear jewelry they have are either tunnels, pinchers, spirals, they also have other body jewelry like for your nose, chest, or if your like many of the ppl that shop their no one goes into hot topic to shop for regular earrings why not try claires because thats were they actually need parent supervision unless ur every 18 yr old with a ID and hot topic doesnt give you the option to pierce your ears u actually have to find a professional to do that


Why should simply buying them be illegal?Should it also be illegal for a minor to purchase earrings?

After all, they can't do anything with either of those items without a hole to put them in.

If a teen wants to go somewhere and buy earrings as a gift for someone, should they be turned away?It's just jewelry.

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