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Was a store manager for that company in Texas many years ago.I had years of sales and managerial experience prior to joining Hot Topic.

Won various awards and prizes for turning departments and stores around for other companies. I was hired by HT to take over their worst store in the Texas market. I'll leave the location out as to protect any current employees who may have come from there and still work for the company other than Jason Beeler the DM. Jason hired me to turn the store around.

After a few weeks of training, that's precisely what I did. A store that was dead last for seven years I turned around to the #1 store in the district the first month I fully took it over. The following month, it was #2. Anyway, it was at this time, Mr.

Beeler thought it was best to start implementing his "expertise" into my store. Every other DM I worked under had their set of guidelines you had to follow, granted, but this guy was something else. Mr. Beeler started to undermine me to my employees.

First of all, you're stuck with kids, and I say kids because most of the staff is 18 and under in most stores. He constantly worked under my nose and changed things like my schedule. Causing big holes in people showing up. When I exposed his error to him and the fact that he was making a mistake changing my schedule, this opened up a can of worms I couldn't have ever seen coming.

Jason Beeler started working a hate and harassment campaign I had never experienced before of after HT. He would change the schedule I would set up for my employees. Then, when a scheduling conflict would arise, he'd blame it on me to my employees even though he was the one who changed my perfectly working schedule. During store meetings with the employees.

Jason would show up, unannounced and take over my meeting. Sometimes even belittling me in the process. He'd also have employees come to him and not his store manager, me, for any store problems. It got so difficult to communicate with my employees after awhile that they started to disregard what I'd tell them to do and call him.

I had the store set up for the success that it was starting to achieve by my standards and he would change it. Even so far as to have other store managers, from other stores, come into my store when he couldn't make it and direct me all day to what they considered "a winning strategy". Although at that time, I was out performing their stores in sales in my first couple of months. Jason Beeler the micro-manager he is, used to call my store about 10-15 times on any given shift just to see what I was doing.

Almost daily, and on my days off, he'd call me on my personal time with family and harass me about what was going on in my store. There was even an incident where I was at the end of an 8 hour shift without taking a break of any kind. This was common under him because he always called and made me feel guilty for taking my company obligated breaks, when I did take them anyway. So, I told an employee if Jason called to tell him I was in the stock room, I was going to take a 10 minute break.

While on that very break, Jason called, of course. When I returned, the employee told me that he called and was harassing him to go and get me right then. When he couldn't do that because I was on break, Jason immediately got suspicious. I called Jason back and got the third degree.

This little incident prompted a meeting between him and an ops manager where they bombarded me with accusations all because I took an allotted break and had an employee say I was in the stock room. Maybe because they deal with kids so much, they forgot what it was like to work with an adult. I don't know. I witnessed Jason take old stock, that was brand new, zero it out in the system and throw it away in the dumpsters outside.

Handbags, clothes, etc. Instead of a company using it as a sales incentive for the employees or giving it to charity like the other companies I worked for did, this was HT's code of conduct. Jason made sure to tell us as we were throwing stuff out, "If any employee goes back to get this, they will be terminated". That stunned me since most of the staff survives off minimum wage.

Jason also made calls, on personal time of course, to me and employees, to make sure we were not hanging out together on personal time. For me, since these were kids, naturally I wouldn't be doing this even though this was something that other companies did to encourage team bonding. It was odd. That too was grounds for immediate dismissal according to him.

Even if I had someone that worked there at the time in their late twenties like I was, who the *** was he to tell me what I could do and with whom on my personal time? Finally, I will add this. My grandfather passed away while I was working for HT. I took time off to go to his funeral in California and be with friends and family.

About 9 days. While I was there, under his command, the store actually caught on fire. So much so that they had to evacuate the entire mall. While at my grandfathers funeral, I started receiving harassing phone calls from Jason Beeler, AT THE FUNERAL, that I needed to stop what I was doing and come back to Texas and deal with my store burning down while it was under his watch.

He threatened that if I didn't get up right then and there and leave, he would be looking for my resignation. So, at that moment, I told him he'd have to fire me. I left many other instances out of this story. But I think people can get the picture.

The reason why this is a shrinking company today is because people like the DM over Texas, Jason Beeler, oversees it still. I know this because my jaw hit the floor when I came across Beeler and discovered him in the same position with Hot Topic. I thought there wasn't any way this clown still worked for that company after all these years. Surely they would have tossed out that disaster.

But, he is still there. I currently own 2 profitable businesses that my talents have allowed me to build. I wouldn't hire an *** like Jason Beeler to sweep the floors in my shops. The reason why people are, and have always had trouble with orders online or in the stores is because the children they have in place to run these stores have no real sales leadership.

They follow an outdated platform that I wouldn't use personally in any of my stores because it doesn't work. If you are a consumer, I would suggest staying away from HT.

Because if they hire someone who has higher customer service standards, my guess is someone like Jason Beeler will run them off because they make him look useless.My 2 cents.

Reason of review: Jason Beeler is an ***.

I liked: Nice kids.

I didn't like: Dm leadership.

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